Prior to starting an astrological consultation, I will need to build and read your horoscope as well as the horoscope(s) of your partner/friend/spouse/child if applicable to your order.

To build a horoscope I will need the following information:

  • Place of birth (City/State/Country)
  • Full date of birth including month, date, and year
  • Birth time - The exact time of birth (within 4 minutes) is extremely important when calculating and interpreting a natal chart, so this must be as close to exact as possible if you wish to receive an accurate result. You can find this information on your birth certificate or by contacting the hospital where you were born.

Please let me know what topics you would like to discuss during the consultation, and what you wish to accomplish by speaking with me. This will help me choose techniques to employ when preparing for the consultation.

Astrological consultations are conducted either over the phone or through Skype in the form of a dialogue. All of the information discussed is absolutely confidential and cannot be shared with third parties without the consent of its owner. You are welcome to record our session, but I will not be recording it on my end. Phone clients are expected to call me at our designated appointment time and are responsible for any long-distance charges incurred. I will email or mail a hardcopy of your horoscope to you prior to the consultation and you will have your natal chart in front of you during our discussion.

Most consultations are planned 1-2 weeks in advance, except in the case of an extreme event in your life when you need immediate advice from an astrologer. Please check with me to verify availability before you book a consultation. The best way to contact me is via email at

I have to receive payment at least 36 hours in advance of our appointment (by credit card, PayPal, or by check/money order through the mail).

Natal Astrology

The cost of a standard 60-minute consultation is $160

  • Discussion of your natal chart (your horoscope).
  • Answering any questions you may have.
  • We will discuss your current year (from your birthday this year through next year’s birthday).

Extended 90-minute astrological consultation $ 240

In addition to the standard consultation one of the following topics are included:

  • Analysis of your child horoscope
  • Discussion of the horoscope of your partner (wife / friend)
  • Discussion horoscope compatibility

Relationship Astrology

60-minute compatibility consultation $160

Includes discussion of the horoscopes of two people, for example:

  • Compatibility between you and your child or
  • Emotional, mental and physical compatibility between you and your partner (wife / friend)
  • Compatibility between your child and his/her nanny, but please note I would need the exact time of the nanny’s birth.

Electional Astrology

60-minute consultations for selecting the optimal time for important event (wedding, business opening, moving, etc.) $ 160

Follow-Up Consultation (Repeat Customers Only)

Consultation for a discussion of your horoscope for the next year or to discuss a new situation or question $ 100