A case study

An astrological consultation is a conversation between the person asking the question, and an astrologer, who spent a few days working on horoscopes and tables in search of the optimum utilization of the solution.

The following is an example of a typical consultation showcasing the use of both Western and Eastern astrology techniques. Let us look at a fragment of a consultation, which was recorded with the permission of the client on September 22, 2002. Nick is a pseudonym of my client.

Alex: Good Morning!

Nick: Good Morning!

A: Thank you for being on time!

N: Not a problem!

A: We have a little bit of a concern as I explained to you [during the appointment call] about your birth time. You told me, that you've got your time of birth (TOB) from your mother’s notes, not from your birth certificate.

N: That is correct. In my country birth certificates do not have the time of birth, but my mom recorded the time when I was born.

A: I have built your horoscope using this TOB. We need to verify that the horoscope is correct. I have to ask: What happened with your father when you were about 7.5 years old?

N: My father died from a heart attack in February of 1977, but how do you know?

A: I am so sorry to hear that you lost your dad at this age. Both Indian/Hindu and Western horoscopes indicate this sad event. I can explain it in details.

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A: One of the questions you asked was when your marriage will take place. You told me that you do not have a girlfriend. Let us first discuss reasons to be single at the age of 33.

N: It would be interesting to know.

A: Your horoscope suggests that your profession is linked with communication such as writing stories.

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N: It is true. I am working as a sport commentator on the radio.

A: You are not shy and you have an excellent voice and communications skills. Your horoscope suggests that you are looking for a woman as a source for maternal nurturing. In addition, you always hide your emotions and it is difficult for you express love and affection.

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N: Do you mean I have to find a wife who will take care of me like my mother did?

A: Actually, I mean the opposite. The horoscope shows tendencies and that is why you look for these types of women, but the majority of women look for comfort, support and care from men. If you show your loved ones your affection, emotions, and care, she will stay with you. You can do it because your horoscope shows your charisma and outgoing personality.

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N: Why do you think I do not give enough attention to my girlfriends?

A: Your horoscope suggests that marriage is possible, but you want to be very independent.

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N: That is also correct. I have hobbies that take up a lot of my spare time.

I am a fisherman and I fish during all my free time and vacations. I still do not understand. Will my marriage take place or not?

A: It definitely will, but you should keep in mind these recommendations.

N: If my horoscope shows that marriage will happen, why should I change myself? In addition, can you tell when my marriage will happen?

A: An astrologer can forecast only the trends that indicate the formation of a long lasting romantic period. Marriage is a process and we have to find its beginning. Right now, you have a great chance to meet you future loved one. You are already in a great period for marriage and having children. You can be more active and use this chance, or you may lose this possibility. This period started 9/29/1993 and will last until 9/29/2009. Inside this 16 years period the best sub-period to meet your loved one is from 8/11/2001 until 4/11/2004. More precisely, in the Spring of 2003 there is a big opportunity to start a very serious relationship and you will keep this relationship if you will express more care and support for this person.

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N: Ok, I got it. If I will be more socially active in sense of meeting new people and friends, I have a good chance to meet my future wife in spring of 2003.

A: Very good chance.

N: Does it mean I will get married this time?

A: Your marriage will probably take place between January and May of 2005.

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Nick called me back in April of 2003 and informed that he had been dating a great girl since January 2003 and he is in love and he is trying to be very careful. The second time Nick informed me in 2005 that his wedding took place on Friday 1/28/2005.

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