Welcome to my astrological consultation website!

Nothing happens by chance. There is a reason why you are reading this page. Millions of people consult an astrologer every day, including world leaders and corporate executives. We can all use astrology for personal growth, business, health, and our interactions with other people.

An Astrologer cannot make decisions for you, but can discover the reasons and the energy that created the problems visible in your horoscope. Your talents, abilities, and character contribute to both the successes and challenges in your life - all of this can be seen in your horoscope. If you have realistic plans, astrology can provide crucial information about yourself which you can actively use to change your life and become the creator of your own destiny.

If you want to discuss your horoscope with me, please read the [Consultation] page that lists the information I need about you to provide a consultation. Please contact me to discuss the scheduling of your appointment. Contact information is found under the [Contact] tab above.

I am located in Atlanta, GA which may be in a different timezone than where you are located. Please keep this in mind when scheduling an appointment. Also, I can accept calls from all over the world, but I try to avoid calling customers outside of the United States. Skype is a good option for these situations.

I hope to hear from you soon and wish you success in learning about yourself and overcoming life’s challenges.

Alexander Antonov, Astrologer /Александр Антонов, Астролог